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Sync Studios is your off-site production hub and so much more.

1900plus sq ft of open studio space (36x54 ft and 20ft ceilings) for your photo or video needs.



Shooting Space // Lighting // Grip // Cameras // Amenities // Video Production // Motion Graphics 

We have in-house photo and video equipment as well as backdrops and paintable sets for videographers and photographers. Sync Studios has an assortment of Strobes, Fernels, and LED Lights and modifiers and cameras, and access to an in-house equipment rental, so let us know if you are looking for that special item.


Spacious amenities include free WiFi, 2 sets of men and womens restrooms, large conference room, large kitchenette with two sinks and 2 refrigerators, and plenty of parking (20 spaces). Private offices can be made available upon request. Contact a representative for more details.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures

To help limit the spread of the coronavirus, Peerspace has provided guidelines for hosts so guests can book with peace of mind.

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A creativity-driven production company.



We have an assortment of Canon and Sony cameras and lenses that are updated frequently. Contact us to see what is currently available.


Shooting Space

Over 1900 square feet (36 feet by 54 feet) of workable space with 20-foot ceilings. Concrete floors. Dedicated in-studio circuit breakers.



We have equipment to help with your vision. Studio strobes, tungsten fresnel, LED lights and C-Stands are available. A range of modifiers as well as backdrop paper, modular set walls, and a green screen area.



Kitchenette, breakroom, large conference room, dressing room,two sets of restrooms, plenty of parking, and editing suites available.An employee will be on site to assist you with entry to the space and answer any questions that you may have.

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45875 Northport Loop East
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
510 490 9788





General Rules

1. Facility info and care

The studio is located in a business park, in a shared office building. It is quiet and outside noise is near non-existent. All areas should be left the way you found them, clean and ready for the next use (if the facility was not prepared for you, please contact your booking agent immediately). Please put back any items used, replace furniture or set pieces to their original location, sweep the studio floor and vacuum any carpeted areas if applicable. Empty all trash into the appropriate container. Excessive cleaning will result in a fee assessment.

2. Studio property

Studio property that is noted as ‘rentable’ may only be rented and/or used if written or verbal authorization is obtained prior to use. Double check that you have obtained permission from an authorized representative before use.

3. Conference and office rooms

The conference room can be used for your purposes. If you need help with anything, please ask.

4. Equipment and sets

If you need assistance with any equipment, please inform your agent or the studio manager. You are responsible for your use of our equipment, and we cannot be held liable for any damages or loss resulting from your use, accidental or otherwise. Any violation of the rules or other misconduct will result in the immediate revocation of facility privileges, is grounds for removal, and may constitute a forfeiture of your deposit.

5. Staff

Please respect our staff. If we have provided you with a grip, PA or a AV tech, do not abuse the privilege. We appreciate your patronage and will treat your business and associates with courtesy and respect. We expect the same of you and your guests. If management feels misconduct or abuse is taking place, or the tech/grip/PA informs management of such, you may be penalized, ejected and/or banned from the premises.

6. Smoking, drinking & other substances

We do not allow smoking inside the premises except under the following conditions:

a) Fog machines in limited use do to poor ventilation (no direct outside air access)

c) We allow alcohol on premises with prior approval. An ABC licensed professional must be engaged to distribute any alcohol, whether sold or freely given away. You are responsible for ensuring the legal age of those participating. We will have appropriate action taken immediately if we find minors consuming on premises. You may not sell alcohol in any way, including selling “drink tickets” or plastic cups without a catering license and event permit. Locations that already have a dedicated liquor license will require all alcohol sales/distribution to be handled by on-site staff.

7. Building Use

You are responsible for ensuring all members of your group have vacated the premises upon the termination of your booking. As applicable, if a key is provided, the person responsible for the booking is responsible for ensuring the facility is locked and the key is returned as agreed in writing.

8. Minors

We take the protection of minors seriously. The physical and mental safety of minors present at the facility is paramount. Labor and sexual exploitation will not be tolerated in any way and will be immediately reported to local authorities.


a. No fewer than two adults shall be present and visible at all times when a minor is on-site.

b. No adult (other than a legal guardian) shall be alone with a minor for any period of time without line-of-sight to and from other adults.

c. At least one legal guardian must be present and is responsible for the behavior of any minor.

9. Conduct

Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. We take the fair and equitable treatment of all guests and patrons very seriously and seek to create and promote a safe and inclusive environment at all times. If you feel you have been treated unfairly or are aware of unfair, discriminatory, or abusive behavior taking place on our premises, please contact the studio manager or another staff member immediately. Please also immediately report any observed physical abuse, health emergency or un-scheduled violence to local authorities. (unscheduled violence is any suspect violent behavior not associated with an active event, film or photo shoot. While some productions may include mock violence and sometimes real violence for various professional and commercial purposes, all instances will be well documented and announced.)

10. Food and Drink

Allowed on premises in most areas with a cleaning deposit. Please clean-up after your guests or you will be charged additional cleaning fees.

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